Many of us go through times of feeling overwhelmed with difficult emotions. Whether you are anxious, angry, lonely or simply stuck, talking about such feelings with someone outside your daily life, in a non-judgemental space, can make them more bearable, give you perspective and enable you to move on. ​


Through my integrative training I draw on a range of psychotherapeutic models, using whichever is most relevant to you, the individual client. But my core focus is always on building a trusting relationship so that you feel safe to bring all parts of yourself to the therapy. We will work together to make sense of your experiences in the present and past, explore your relationships with others and help you accept who you are. 


This work can challenge deep-rooted belief systems that may not have been serving you well. By processing these, and exploring where they come from, you can strengthen your sense of self to feel freer, safer and more complete.